Windows 10 App Remover - Désinstaller les applications pré-installées de Windows 10

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Windows 10 App Remover - Désinstaller les applications pré-installées

Windows 10 App Remover - Désinstaller les applications pré-installées


Il existe déjà 10AppsManager - Une application pour gérer les applications Windows Store sur Windows 10

voici un nouveau utilitaire pour désinstaller les applications Windows Store sur Windows 10

Windows 10 App Remover (non testé)

une petite application qui fera le "boulot" à votre place. En effet, au lieu de vous taper des lignes de commandes à copier-coller, vous n'aurez qu'à utiliser le clic de votre souris.  Windows 10 App Remover permet de supprimer n'importe quelle application pré-installée de Windows 10 en 1 clic.

Vous pouvez aussi télécharger l'utilitaire avec source à la fin de cet article :

Analyse VirusTotal

SHA256: 5f8f260d03ed7a57e7ed28cdaf374bc62b07fde3e9eda968e1dd667d6c8a630e
Nom du fichier : Windows 10 App Remover.rar
Ratio de détection : 0 / 56
Date d'analyse : 2016-03-13 20:49:54 UTC (il y a 0 minute)


Google Traduction

Some of the apps included with Windows 10 are not easily removable. For those of you who want to remove apps such as OneNote, Camera, Maps, Xbox and People, I made a little tool that will run the powershell commands necessary to uninstall them from a neat little GUI. If you want to, you can even remove the Windows Store.

How to use

Click the button for the app you want to remove.
Confirm you want to remove it by pressing the Yes button in the confirm dialog.
Wait while the script executes. When complete, the other buttons will re-enable so you can remove another app, and the button you pressed will change to look like this

Known Issues

Don't run the program as administrator. It doesn't work. I don't know why. Just don't do it.
The tab order is completely messed up. You can use the program without a mouse, but don't expect the button you tab to to be next to the button you tab from. Fixed 1.1
(1.1) /u/maxzamora says that windows flags it as a potentially unwanted program. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about this now as I'm away from my PC and will be all weekend. /u/maxzamora has analysed the program and found no threats. If you are concerned, please use version 1.0.

Download link (All versions)

Google Drive

Changed in 1.1:

Linked to this thread from the UI.
Fixed tab order.
Improved UI.

Update 1.2 can be found (with source) here.

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